The Law Enforcement Of Public Trust

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right. In all but the rarest of cases, rogue cops convicted of betraying the "public trust" can discard any expectation of sympathy when standing before a sentencing judge. One of the simplest things to do and it requires is hold the law enforcement personnel accountable for actions deemed to be in the wrong. Examples of bribes, getting out DUI’s, abusing their power to name a few. According to the law everyone is to be treated fairly and equally. If a moto with police leaders was to believe that our profession must be held to a higher standard that would be such a positive example while showing no one is above the law. Second part is having all records available for any department to request when it is pertaining to new employment. Especially when information in such records could show a pattern history, progress reports, behavior accounts and any significant record. The country should be able to trust the people that are sworn to protect us. Right now certain records are not available to review the cops are protected from confident information hindering their job search elsewhere. There is currently legislation in the works to tightening existing standards for law enforcement. “ A pair of state representatives, Democrat Russell Holmes and Republican David Vieira, have introduced a measure to establish a committee tasked with drafting a bill that would set statewide standards to determine when an officer can carry a badge — and specify how they might lose it”. Third thing that will help that is already in place in some places is the use of body cams officers have to wear while on duty. This little camera doesn’t have but one job and that is to record the story. “Advantages of police body cameras..” article talks ab... ... middle of paper ... ...ers; those exciting moments are also usually some of the most frightening experiences you 'll ever encounter. Rather, when those "hot" calls come in and it 's really time to get to work, there 's certain clarity and calm that takes over, and the excitement that comes with it is indescribable. And there are few more rewarding feelings than being in a volatile situation and being able to calmly take control and bring it to a successful, uneventful conclusion. It 's a tremendous responsibility, and officers often need to be reminded of the high ethical standard they are held to it 's also quite nice to have a job for which people have such respect and appreciation It 's a sacred trust every cop who 's ever stood before a sentencing judge understands, or perhaps once understood, is fundamental to the system of laws every cop - criminal or otherwise - once swore to uphold
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