The Law Enforcement Field

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The jobs of the law enforcement profession vary greatly depending on the location, training, certification, and branch of enforcement. Law enforcement personnel are an important part of the overall protection services fabric, not only here in the United States but around the world that include but are not limited to emergency medical technicians and fire fighters. If a career that specializes in the protection of individuals and property while also providing a high level of assistance those in need, then the law enforcement profession will allow a person to access the wide variety of jobs and specialties within the law enforcement field. Training Training is probably the most important part of the journey to become a law enforcement officer because they need to know what they should be expecting, preparing for, and what they should look for in a potential criminal. They don’t want to be falsely accusing and or falsely arresting someone because then that person can sue the entire district or just the town/city police department for false accusation and or false arrest. This is why it’s very important for someone going into the law enforcement field of any kind to have the proper training and preparing before entering the field. They should also be briefed on the types of potentially dangerous behavior of someone they get into an altercation with (LaRussa). They need to have the proper training on all of the different mental illnesses because if they don’t know what signs to look for in a possibly mentally ill person, the situation can become very dangerous for both the officer and the person they’re dealing with extremely fast (Brezina). Some positions of law enforcement, including firefighters, require training that can last an... ... middle of paper ... ...ew that was conducted with her. Supervisor, one of my uncles is a 911 dispatcher for the Woodbridge Connecticut police department, another one of my uncles is a North Branford Connecticut Lieutenant, and my last uncle works for some part of the government. He also works for the NCIS branch. In an interview with a 911 operator, specific questions were asked and responded to, to gain a thorough understanding of the job. Also, in an interview with the government job, a different set of specific questions were asked and responded to, to completely understand that job too. Works Cited Brezina, Corona. Careers in Law Enforcement. New York, NY: Rosen Pub., 2010. Print. LaRussa, Tony. "K-9 Officers: Training Unleashed." Pittsburgh Tribune Review [Pittsburgh] 11 Nov. 2010: n. pag. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. .
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