The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

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One ghostly night as the train was leaving the station to Blue Moon Canyon, Kellie and her friends, Hunter and Brighton were talking at a table with others members on the train. We were talking about the man who owned the train before them, Jacob Herly. “Story has it, that his wife, Camile, died on the train two months or so before getting to Blue Moon Canyon.” Soon five minutes later the lights had gone out and Kellie was gone after the lights came back on. Kellie’s friends were worried about what happen to her. Soon, they started to search the train for her. When they were searching for her, Brighton found a secret door on the end of a train cart, but Hunter kept looking. After opening the door, it led Brighton to Kellie. She was reading a book and a little scared looking up from it. Brighton looked around the room, and had saw a cupboard that was closed with dolls. They were happy to see one another then they tried to open the cupboard but nothing worked until they saw a haunted dance floor with shoes. The shoes were moving but nothing was there. They though the haunted train was a joke, but this wasn’t any joke. Later that next morning, Hunter saw that Kellie was found. Hunter was happy to see her and wanted to know where she had disappeared too. They showed him where she was at but we had seen the shoes moving again but not on the dance floor. After going back to the main cart, they telling everyone what they saw, they thought we were playing a prank. So Kellie walked away and looked out the window. She saw a ghost figure and it was the ghost of Camile. Kellie had recorded and then ran as fast as she ever could to show her friends. When she got to the main cart, there was a letter on the table that read, “Kellie, we are at... ... middle of paper ... ... Hunter had come from the train and was about to ask the same question that Brighton ask but Camile had appeared and said,” You don’t know how you got here, but you had though you sleep walked.” “Yea, but I wasn’t the one controlling my body like someone or thing trying to kill me or something.” Kellie explained scare fully. Hunter and helped Kellie out of the mud puddle that she ended up in after she had awaken. Camile thought that another ghost may have possessed her in her sleep, but who would do that to her? Well the next day, Kellie, Hunter, and Brighton went for a walk and ran into Camile and her husband, Jacob. Camile explained, “ Jacob had saw one of his ghost friends go into Kellie and his name was David.” “Oh, so did you ask him why he ever did that or no because I didn't like waking up in a mud puddle.” Kellie had said in a really scared voice.

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