The Last Phase of the Pacific war

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The Last Phase of the Pacific War In order to judge the significance of the use of suicide bombing, it is essential to examine the last phase of the Pacific war. 1944, the last but not least year of the Pacific war, was the ultimate climax for both Japan and America. The early part of 1943 was a period of solidification for both Japan and America. Although both sides did their best to prepare for the following moves of their enemies, it was practically clear that the advantage of this major war was headed towards America. As the American forces successfully progressed in their island-hopping campaign, capturing the Guadalcanal in the Solomons, Tarawa in the Gilberts, and Kwajlein in the Marshalls, the domino effect of the Japanese commenced (Hickman). The Marianas Islands including Saipan had become the new target of the American force's amphibious invasions. The Japanese were attentive that defeat in the Marianas, and particularly in Saipan, would be critical since the Marianas were an important segment of the inner ring of the Japanese defense system (Crowl 445; Ball). In othe...
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