The Laramie Project: The Film Analysis Of The Laramie Project

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The Laramie Project is a unique play because it is created by the combination of interviews done after the death of Matthew Shepard. While this format is not usually seen, in this production, it was successfully done and was a enjoyable play to watch. All of the acting, design and directing aspects for this production were properly handled and fit the purpose of the play.
The acting for this play was successful in its goal. The actors were more than successful in making their characters seem credible and convincing. As each actor played their numerous amount of characters, I was convinced that each character was different and it wasn’t someone acting as someone else. I truly believed the actors were their actual characters. What benefited
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However, this kind of scenic design is appropriate for this play because it forces the audience’s attention on the conversations being taken place rather than the environment. I feel like this play is meant to be heard and be admired for the dialogue rather than be admired for the scenic design. The lighting design was also simple and nothing to complicated. Whoever was talking or who the plot was centered around at a given time of the play, received the lighting. This type of lighting design as well forces the audience to pay more attention to the dialogue which is appropriate for the goal of this play. The sound design was well used and was never overwhelming. It was well placed throughout the play and added some realism during some scenes of the play. For example, when the murderer of Chris was sentence and the audience heard a gavel, it made the play slightly more realistic. In addition, the sound design was well used to enhance some emotions during some scene. For example, gloomy music was played during the sad scenes which amplified the emotions surrounding that scene. Lastly, the costume design was well done and appropriate for each character. Each character had a believable costume and no costume seemed to be out of place. These design elements combined did create the a “suspension of disbelief” in that I forgot I was watching a play. the design elements were well choses and overall added to…show more content…
The vision and idea the director wanted for this play made the play achieve its full potential and helped delivered a message. The play was overall staged effectively and I appreciate the decision for slanting the floor in order for the audience to see more of the play. This was a nice addition for this production. The pace flowed accordingly and I was never truly bored at any scene during the play. The play engaged me all throughout its runtime. The casting the director made was done correctly and it showed in the way each actor was able to play their role successfully. An example of where the casting was well done would be Matthew’s bestfriend. I saw that she was fit for her role and her acting made her character believable. Overall, the directing decisions were all done right and benefitted the
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