The Language Of The English Language

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Throughout countless ages the English language has been constructed, comprehended, and perfected in so many different ways. For many years including the present time there are well known linguist and many different sorts of writers who have studied the English language to the absolute core. These linguists as well to writers have researched how different cultures, people with different backgrounds had taken the English language and converted it in their own types of speech, slang, dialect and grammar proving the flexibility of the English language. It is being altered in a vast variety of ways depending on certain circumstances. A specific type of speech that has been studied and still to this day is being argued about is called Ebonics. Ebonics translates to black speech, the mixture of ebony as in black and phonics as in speech. It has been around for many years now and is known as broken English, lazy English or bastardized English. This is a type of speech that African Americans have brought about which caught on to all types of people and is still being altered till this day. When learning English, African-Americans altered the language using some of the structure and rules of their own native tongue. This Black English has been used through slavery and then freedom for hundreds of years. Though wrongly defined as a language, it really is a nonstandard dialect spoken in many homes in America. Ebonics is not a separate language, but a slightly different form of another language which is English. Ebonics is very much different from a real foreign language such as Italian, or Arabic. Arabic, for example, has a completely different alphabet, sentence structure, words, and sounds than English; while Ebonics basically uses the s... ... middle of paper ... the native tongue of African Americans has created this dialect. It is not surprising to hear that Ebonics is practiced by African Americans even today. The means of communication in the United States of America should be standard and proper English. This will remove the misconception between social classes. The language should not cause the educational system to change the teachings of proper English and add Ebonics instructions to educate the youth of today strictly due to the fact of how humans communicate. If we were to implement Ebonics into our schools we would not be educating our youth about proper and Standard English. It will also bring other ethnicities to argue the issue of Ebonics as it is not Standard English. African American culture definitely brought Ebonics and it is clearly not a language. It is a nonstandard dialect spoken by African Americans

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