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I completed the language analysis on Peyton, an exceptionally social, intelligent, and energetic, 42-month-old girl. She was cheerful and carefree the day I visited her house, which meant she was especially talkative. Peyton lives with her mother, father, and younger brother Benjamin, who just turned 6 months old. She typically stays at home with her mother during the week, but is enrolled and attends a daycare part time. She also spends a great deal of time with her nannies so that mom can run extra errands when she needs to. Peyton is generally interested in most things typical of a 42-month-old little girl, such as art, music, dolls, etc., but her favorite activity is swimming. She absolutely loves to swim in the pool with her pocket pals. I came into contact with Peyton through an online babysitting website, and have been watching her and her younger brother occasionally on the weekends for 3 weeks now. While at her house we do various activities, but on the day of collecting my language sample we were playing with her Pocket Pals, and talking about a recent visit she had at the pool. I did not tell Peyton that I was going to be writing down what she was saying because I wanted to ensure that normal conversation would be collected. While collecting the language sample the focus was on the form, content, and use of the language, which will indicate a language and play level of development. Language form concentrates on the morphology and phonology and the rules based on the language (Kjelgaard, 2014). Morphology refers to the study of how words are formed, and the ways they are related to other words in that same language (Anderson). Phonology is the aspect of language that focuses on the sound systems of the language (Moore, ... ... middle of paper ... ...e 5 of Brown’s syntactic development, displaying an MLU of 4.13, which is standard for her age group. I also used Templin’s Type Token Ratio model to determine Peyton’s diverse vocabulary, showing a score of 59.6. Peyton is certainly a loquacious little girl who enjoys the company of others and loves to learn. I feel as if these are imperative factors in the life of young children to help them develop successfully. As far as play, Peyton is placed in level 7 symbolic play, showing various skills such as planned play scripts using different toys to act out each part, assigning roles to each figure or person involved, and the substitution of objects as props (Hulit, Fahey & Howard, 2014). Peyton is a marvelous girl and I am very honored to have collected my language sample on her, and hope to continue to watch her grow into a well-developed little girl in the future.

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