The Land of Opportunity

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In January 31st, 2002, I arrived to America or as my parents loved to enthusiastically remind me “La tierra de oportunidad” (The land of opportunity). Full of frustration and anxiety that I had just been forced out of my home land, I now had to cope with and assimilate into a new culture, environment, and language. I was obligated to quickly acquire the principles and communication skills to not only excel but to socially adjust. Despite my situation, I was still able to recognize the amplitude of opportunities this country would offer for me, educationally and professionally. Optimistically hoping that this life transition would be to my benefit, I was unjustly challenged. At the beginning of my troubled journey in America, my peers unjustly rejected and socially excluded me because of a growing obesity problem. “Mexican Nipple, Big-green, Fatty” as insignificant as I presumed the nicknames sounded, they apparently all had discriminating connotations. Although through intensive practice and tutoring I overcame my language hindrance, my obesity situation continued to attract mal...
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