The Lance

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The Lance

The lance, a staff weapon was used during the chivalric era. The lance was mainly used during a tournament. Tournaments were held as a type of competition for knights. The tournaments served as a source of entertainment and also a means to keep knights fit and in practice.

During the tournament if the lance began to break or splinter one point was scored. If the lance broke it would be replaced with a new one. If the lance broke again, the two knights would dismount horses and begin to fight with swords. The tournaments were encouraged to contain chivalric behavior and attitude.

The lance was also used in warfare. At the beginning of any battle the two sides would line up and begin to charge at each other holding out a lance to knock the opposition off of their horses. The jousting was primarily done at the beginning of a battle, and then the knights would dismount and charge with swords, daggers, or axes. The lance could also the used on the ground, but not nearly as successful as it would be used on a horse.

A lance was used in jousting. It was about 11 feet long with a 6-inch blade, and the blade was shaped like a leaf. It was used to throw the other knight off his horse. More armor was created after the wide use of the lance. The vamplate was created to protect the hand and arm, and breastplates to help stabilize the knight as he galloped on his horse.

The lance itself is very chivalric. It's large length, and weight made it challenge for knights to fight with one. It was a challenge in itself to use a lance, and anyone who could do so with elegance was considered chivalric. It took great practice to use a lance successfully. A quintain was used as target practice for the one using the lance. As most chivalric weapons a great deal of practice was required to become successful with a lance.

The chivalric era contained many weapons, but the lance truly symbolizes the chivalric era.
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