The Lake Isle Of Innesfree By William Bulter Yeats

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The poem “The Lake Isle of Innesfree” by William Bulter Yeats can be defined in so many ways. However, the theme of the poem is ‘I desire an ideal place where I will find peace and happiness.’ The theme of peace in nature is shown vividly throughout the poem. To describe this theme, Yeats uses rhyme, tone, imagery, alliteration and metaphor to illustrate his desire of leaving the dismal city and finding peace in nature. The rhyme scheme of “The Lake Isle of Innesfree” creates a sense of harmony. In each stanza of the poem, the last word in the first and third sentences rhyme, while the same is done for the last words in the second and fourth sentences. For example, in the first stanza of the poem, Innesfree rhymes with bee and made rhymes with glade. In stanza two he continues this the rhyme with slow in line one rhyming with glow in line three, and sings rhymes with wings in lines two and four. Yeats use of rhyme in the poem reflects the peace and serenity that he seeks out in his “happy place – Isle of Innesfree.” Another concept used when describing the poem is tone. The tone of...

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