The Lady Or The Tiger Ending

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Write the ending to “The Lady or the Tiger?” Write it as a story, not a summary. He made an important decision by choosing the door on the right. He chose to trust her with his life. The princess had a grim look on her face. In the second following the opening of the door on the right, a loud sound was heard throughout the arena. The onlookers hoped that it came from the man, but knew that they would not be so lucky. The prince sent one last look towards the princess-a look that clearly betrayed the sadness he felt in that moment. The princess wished she had looked away, for that look had almost made her regret the decision she had made. Though he had seemed brave up to this point, there was nothing to be seen on his face but pure fear. That alone told the audience what lay beyond the door. The people in the audience could not bear to watch. All that could be heard was the tearing of flesh. The princess had led her suitor to his demise.…show more content…
The princess was starting to doubt herself. She thought that she was making the right decision in that moment, but now that she could feel his absence, she wasn’t so sure. She was so sure that she would rather have him killed than see him with another woman, but seeing his remains laying on the floor of the arena made her think differently. After all, they could have seen each other behind his new wife’s back. She could have gotten rid of the wife after they were wed, but these were things the princess hadn’t thought of before she made her
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