The Lady Of Shalott Analysis

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The Lady of Shalott Published in 1842, The Lady of Shalott, is one of the most notable poems by Mr. Lord Tennyson. Born in Somersby, England, Alfred Tennyson was one of the most popular British poets and still remains known today. The Lady of Shalott is the main character in the poem and acts as the main focus. The poem is divided into four numbered parts with stanza of nearly the same length. Each of the four parts ends at the moment when a speech is spoken: the speech first takes the form of the reaper’s whispering identification, the second form of the Lady’s half-sick lament, the third of the Lady’s pronouncement of her doom, and finally, of Lancelot’s blessing. Lord Tennyson’s, “The Lady of Shalott”, uses structure, form and theme to help show the audience the conflict between art and life. A ballad refers to a poem that tells the story of a person or people, with details that give them features that are larger than life. The poem is divided into four numbered sections, with each section, like its own story, rising to a…show more content…
Tennyson doesn’t say who shut her away in the castle or why, but it doesn 't seem fair. By her reactions one can tell that she 's fed up with it, in fact she even says it in the poem. Her desire to love and to be loved is what pushes the whole plot of the poem. The point that she never really breaks out of her shell is what gives "The Lady of Shalott" a tragic meaning to it.The Lady of Shalott makes a bold choice to break free from her isolation. Although it costs her life, it 's still a strong and meaningful refusal of her restricted, isolated situation. The meaning behind “The Lady of Shalott” is thought to be a lot deeper than many think. The Lady of Shalott participates in weaving, a traditional mode of women 's labor. Her imprisoned isolation is a metaphor for the social and sexual representation of women across
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