The Lady In Red Analysis

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As selfish and self-centered today’s society ensues, many human beings believe that humanity has no hope left for the future, but Mr. Richard Lemieux proves society wrong. As prove, Mr. Richard in “The Lady in Red” provides examples that made him change of mind. He aims to convince his readers that there is hope for civilization that a bright light remains at the end of the dark tunnel. By presenting a personal anecdote and emotional events, Mr. Lemieux skillfully uses these techniques to create a convincing passage. Mr. Lemieux begins his story with a flashback to the last Thanksgiving Day in 2002, the day he learned to beg. He explains in detail how he felt that day, so that the reader feels sorry or pity for him. Although, he makes…show more content…
He said “My whole life I had been a people person.” To this quote he means that he used to be a wealthy man and that he did not know what the struggle of not having money to eat was like. He too emphasizes that “…,this begging, was far more difficult.” He gives credibility by speaking his thoughts of when he gave those people on the streets and that they underwent with different stories like “I need to buy a bus ticket to Spokane so I can go visit my dying mother” or “I lost my wallet this morning, and I need five dollars for gas” he suspected that all these stories seem made-up. For this problem he decides to say the truth and straight up goes and asks for money. Being naïve enough he decided to assist the central-market he used to shop at to ask for money, although he knew that all the people that go there are wealthy and have “class”. He went ahead and asked for money after thinking about it for a while, he asked a lady that was heading in the store for money and she responded with a “Sorry, all I have is a credit card.” On the contrary, he did not give up , he asked a man in a red Porsche that had pulled in ,this man did not even have the respect to let Mr. Lemieux finish his sentence and responded “Get a Goddamned job, you bum!” Mr. Richard shocked by the way the man that treated him so rudely. He gave…show more content…
I hope you do not mind. I-well, I can help you little bit”. When he heard these words he could not believe it, he got surprised. That was the moment that he realized that angels exist, a few good hearted people and that we humans and our future generations still have hope. He learned that if you were to think about giving up there will always be a reason to keep moving forward and to never lose faith. With this in mind , the writer persuades his audience into never giving up by giving credibility and connects with the reader using pathos as his strongest method in convincing the reader into always have

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