The Lady And The Tiger Analysis

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The lady and the tiger was a story with no ending, this is bothersome because it truly left everybody wondering. That is quite possibly the brilliance of the story, it forces readers to ponder their thoughts and come up with their own ending. Love has a lot to do with the story “The Lady and the Tiger”. The story gives the princess fate over her lover. The problem arose because the princess’s father will not allow her to be with him. The story takes place in a kingdom and involves the king, the princess, and her lover. The princess’s decision on which door to gesture to her lover is presumed to have a large impact on the story, which it does however the question that is which door her lover opens remains un-answered. The princess will open the door with the lady behind it, she will be able to put her jealousy and romantic emotions behind human morality. The princess will lead the gentleman towards the door with the maiden behind it because it is highly unethical to kill a man because she will have to see them together. Human morality plays a large role in her decision to do this. The pain she experiences from seeing her lover with her enemy will fade. On the other hand, the pain she would experience from seeing him die in front of her eyes would linger on and on. Furthermore the pain of the reflection of that decision to kill him would bring her much regret. She would continue to question her morality and she would hurt from the decision she made for a very long time. In “The Lady or the Tiger” Stockton says “Had it not been for the moiety of barbarism in her nature it is probable that the lady would not have been there…” (Stockton 4). That quote is proof that even though her father was semi barbaric, due to the moiety she and t... ... middle of paper ... ...nd, that decision leads him to be hit in the face by the guard. Following the hit, he falls to the ground. When he stands up it is undeniably decision time. He looks up to the king and gives him a nod of respect, he also looks up at the princess and quickly gazes into her eyes. The princess subtly pointed to the left. She changed her mind; the door she now wanted him to go through was on the left. He steps forward accepting the princess’s suggestion to go to the left, he places his hand on the door handle. He stops and keeps his hand there for a few second then opens up the door and notices a beautiful maiden stepping out of it. Filled with joy, he wraps his arms around her and thanks God for letting him live. The priest and wedding singers follow close behind the maiden and in the arena the two are married. The obviously guilty had in fact just been found innocent.
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