The Lack Of Society In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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After thousands of years of evolution and change, humans are one of the most complex creatures to ever roam this world. They are one of the most advanced creatures, who made advanced technology, found cures for diseases, and created intricate pieces of art. However, humans started off as any other creature: no rules, no technology, and no guarantee of their safety. The lack of these things can cause some humans to resort back to their old, primitive ways. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the lack of society influenced Jack to be power hungry, develop dark and disturbing thoughts, and enjoy hurting others who are innocent.
After being seperated from society on the island, Jack became greedy for power. Since the beginning of staying on
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Jack and his hunting boys went off to try and kill a pig, and successfully did so. As Roger violently killed the pig, the blood poured all over Jack’s hands. Jack then “giggled and flicked them while the boys laughed at his reeking palms” (Golding 195). Jack enjoyed playing in the blood of the pig that he and the boys slayed. This shows how quickly Jack changed from a young, polite boy to a violent and sadistic savage. After Robert was used as a pig in the boys’ game of hunting, the boys thought that the game was extremely enjoyable and that they would do it again. After Robert was seriously injured, he says to the boys, “‘You want a real pig because you’ve got to kill him.’ ‘Use a littlun,’ said Jack, and everybody laughed” (Golding 165). In other words, Jack suggests that they should literally kill a littlun so that the boys can reenact what happened when they killed a pig. Before, Jack could not bring himself to even kill a pig. But after staying on the island, he was able to not only kill a pig, but he also even suggested on killing an innocent child for…show more content…
His bullying tendencies grew worse, as he tried very hard to get what he wanted. Even though he wanted to be voted as the leader, he eventually wants to seize all the power, which represents a dictatorship. He also develops a dark and disturbing thought process, as he makes dark jokes and laughs when a pig is basically tortured to death. He also made very violent plans to get what he wanted; he laughed in the blood of a pig, and made a violent plan to make sure that Ralph dies. This shows that the lack of a society and a government can even change the politest people, also shows the necessity of a government to make sure that everyone stays in line and does not become
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