The Lack Of More Time In School By Meg Stewart

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Are kids not spending enough time at school? Kids now-a-days spend about seven and a half hours at school five times a week, and sometimes less due to holidays or other occasions. According to Meg Stewart in “More Time in School” she says that the kids school schedule is “outdated” as well as created to help a generation where kids had to go back home to help their parents with farm duties. Times have changed and the only person kids usually come home to is one parent or guardian. She also mentions how kids schedules interfere with their parents’ work schedule so they should accommodate the parents work hours. Due to lack of time spent at school extra curriculum activities have been removed, so those should be re-integrated. Overall, she says…show more content…
There is the iPhone, iPad, video game consoles, and other endless gadgets kids use to keep occupied. These kids of this generation no longer come home to do intense labor to help their parents with farm duties. Kids come home to watch television or use their gadgets. This has stopped the increase of socialization among kids especially when they come home to one parent or guardian everyday. Stewart herself states, “It’s an absurd schedule from a time when a parent (and let’s be real - it was Mom) was home waiting for the kids.” In the generation before, it was typical for the father to be the working man while the mother stayed home, and that is who kids usually came home to. Like everything, that changed too. Many kids now only have one parent or neither, but typically still come home to at least one parent or guardian. Children spend less time socializing at school due to short school hours and go straight home. I agree with Stewart, and most kids now have some type of gadget that they become mesmerized with causing them to lack social skills. Since school hours and days are short kids don’t have extra curriculum activities to stay after school so they usually have to got straight home and that is where their gadgets are, so that is where they stay instead of going outside. This has limited their socialization
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