The Lack Of Communication: The Importance Of Effective Communication

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At the core of every relationship is communication. In brief, communication is necessary to relay a message from one person to another, and may be accomplished verbally, non-verbally, or through a written format. Although a variety of factors are involved, effective communication occurs when the message delivered by the sender, is interpreted as intended by the receiver. The action of communicating is used to initiate, maintain, and even end a relationship. Although communication comes somewhat second nature to humans, we must still make an effort to communicate effectively. Often times when referring to the basis of communication, talking gets a great deal of attention. However, the foundation of communication begins with listening. Effective communication is a process of development, and is acquired through experience. Through conversations and interactions, an exchange of knowledge occurs, and a person can learn to improve future…show more content…
Occasionally, I found myself interrupting the conversations, as I was eager to speak and make my point. I was so determined to get my thoughts out, that I started cutting people off during the conversation. I continue to struggle with this listening barrier, and sometimes find it difficult to determine an appropriate moment to speak. The expression patience is a virtue, applies to the craft of communication. With that in mind, I recognize my lack of patience when choosing when to speak, as I am often unable to wait my turn. This typically leads to a poorly timed response, and as a result, a shift in the conversation occurs. Recently, I have noticed that there are times during a conversation, that I can display self-absorbed behavior. This critical flaw of mine has shown to have a major impact on my communication with others, especially in regards to my attentive

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