The Knoll - Original Writing

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565 words

The Knoll - Original Writing He was sitting there in the midst of the darkness, keeping an observant eye on his watch. He knew the minute the big hand hit five it would all begin. He was very composed and new what he had to do. In the distance he could see the silhouette of the house and the trees dancing alongside it. The crisp winter's wind was blowing right through his thick sleek trench coat. His long slender fingers curled around the rifle trigger one by one; ensuring he had the future target in position. He placed the rifle back down on the tripod and examined his surroundings. The rustic house was very old with Tudor beams running through it, making the entire building feel cold and deserted. It was surrounded by tall overgrown cedar trees. They shaded the building, leaving elegant shadows draped down the walls. The grey malicious sky complemented the building well, a perfect backdrop. Meanwhile on the knoll in front of the house was the assassin, hidden amongst the trees and the gloomy undergrowth. There was a quiet rustle as the tyres of the car rolled slowly over the stones, to the left of the assassin a vehicle appeared, moving gingerly down the drive. As it passed the trees the rusted bonnet began to become visible, a murky once white colour. It gradually came into full view and he could see that the roof of the car was made out of black bin liners tied together, flapping around in the wind making a whipping noise as they contracted. The sea-blue boot of the car had an indent to the left side of it. This made the car look very misshaped and abnormal. As the car came to a halt, a puff of smoke came out of the exhaust which blurred the view of the assassin as he could not see what was going on. He did not move because he would give away his position, so he sat there waiting for the smoke to disappear. He was becoming very anxious, what if the victim disappeared, and all

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how he was very composed and new about what to do.
  • Narrates how he could see the roof of the car was made out.
  • Analyzes how the man could not see what was going on. he did not move because he would give.
  • Narrates how he setup the tripod on a flat area of land halfway down the knoll.
  • Narrates how he rang the victim on his phone, knowing she would be a victim.
  • Describes the steps taken to make sure the man was not able to be seen from the house.
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