The Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar
When people think of the Knights Templar they tend to think about things like what is portrayed in National Treasure. Hidden treasure, secrets, and above all else mystery. In all actuality the Knights Templar was to start out warrior to protect the Holy Land (Jerusalem) and when that fell their purpose was to get it back. The people that were members of the order could be compared to what is now called a volunteer. They were paid very little if anything. The actual order could be compared to a non-profit organization. They received donations maybe even government support but didn’t distribute the money to others.

The Knight Templar was started before the name was given to them. When the first crusade took Jerusalem there was a large amount of pilgrims traveling and “were often robbed or came closer to GOD then they intended“ With the need arising Hughes De Payns and Geoffrey de Saint-Omar decided to guard the most dangerous spot of all them. This spot was known as the Athlit Pass. This was the start of something great. (Templiers)

When the King of Jerusalem returned in 1118 he granted these men part of his palace inside of Salomons Temple. Many believe this is where they got their name. In the beginning the Orders mission was to protect the Holy Lands pilgrims from being robbed. In 1129 Hughes De Payns (now the orders grand master.), went to the Council of Troyes headed by Pope Honorius II. It was there that the church officially approved the formation of the Knights Templar. As time went on, and the increased aggressive behavior of the different tribes they were assigned a new mission, to protect the Holy Land. (Howarth.)
When the Catholic church approved the creation of the Templar. They split them up i...

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