The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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According to the Free Dictionary, redemption means the deliverance upon payment of ransom; rescue. Redemption is a very human thing, and most of us feel the need to redeem for something we feel guilt; because of this, redemption is a very used topic in many books. This makes the reader feel a bigger connection to the book and to its characters. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is one example of a book including this topic. The author uses the idea of redemption a lot throughout the book to give it importance and especial meaning. Many of the characters regret about many of the actions that they made in the past, actions that in a violent city like Afghanistan in the 80’s can create a great impact in one’s life. Hosseini is constantly giving an important theme of redemption in The Kite Runner; though redemption can´t change the events in the past, it can bring peace to someone who regrets about those events.

One of the characters that helps prove this theme is Amir. Amir feels the need to redeem to Baba because his mother died while giving birth to him therefore, he thinks the main reason why Baba hates him is because his mother’s death was in part his fault. Because of this, Amir thinks if he wins the kite contest, his dad will hate him less and will give the kite contest more importance forgetting his hate towards Amir. This event isn’t just the event that “redeems” Amir for killing his own mother but it is also the same event that leads to most of the story’s plot twist. Amir permits this event, he will later regret the most, because of the price he was looking to give Baba, the last kite that fell for his glory. When Hassan runs that kite for Amir and later meets with Assef, Amir lets Hassan get raped because he wanted that ...

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...hange the event. In The Kite Runner though Amir won the kite contest, his mother still remained dead, though Baba was loving and caring with Amir. Baba wasn’t fully proud. Though Baba treated Amir harshly and paid Hassan expensive gifts, Hassan still was son of another woman that wasn’t his wife. Though Amir saved Sohrab and adopted him, Hassan still got raped and murdered. Redemption doesn’t change what happened but brings closure and peace to those events and the guilt involved in them

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