The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

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The experience of fatherhood begins at birth of the baby as it comes out to the world. The responsibility parenthood entails is realized when the mother is not fully healed yet or sadly has died in the tough delivery of the baby. Ideally, the child grows up to develop a close bond with their father, although this is not always the case. Sometimes it does not work that way in which in the other hand it may not be constantly full of love which fills the child with longing and pain. The relationship develop as the father prepares his son to understand his mistakes by helping him recognize right from wrong. In his novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini illustrates the importance of a father and son relationship which in turn affects the plot of the novel. Baba and Amir gains the ability to be a father as they demonstrate their differences of being a father to their son. Although Baba and Amir differ in facing their problems, which parallel, the enforcement of the empathetic fatherly figure they both suffer hardships for their sons’ benefit. To begin, The Kite Runner expresses the continuous redemption of Baba and Amir that they try to achieve. People face their problem in different ways; some people face their problem and errors head on by admitting to or by fixing it while others decide to do so by doing more good to others which may balance out their sins. There are also other ways to accomplish redemption to oneself, in Baba's condition he strives to succeed in doing so by doing more good things to other people and to the Afghan community. Rahim Khan acknowledges the presence of Baba's guilt toward his faults and so he makes up for it by being a benefactor to his son, Hassan. Whom he cannot acknowledge due to the conflict of t... ... middle of paper ... ...ind a way to redeem themselves. The relationship between Amir, Hassan and Baba has shown so much neglect and disregard to the fatherly love that Amir and Hassan needed from Baba as it stands in comparison to Amir and Sohrab’s growing relationship. The appreciation of the unselfish actions are demonstrated as they give up their career, life, and pride for the betterment of their sons. The book itself demonstrates the development of the characters as they got more mature to which this bad past they had causes them to reinforce a more effective functioning father and son relationship. A neglect of a father may lead to bad decisions as a father should be there to ensure and reinforce a lesson to his son, acquiring the happiness of the son which is necessary for a fatherly figure. Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Riverhead Books, 2003. Print.

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