The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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1483 words

Reading a book requires the reader to piece and assemble the parts together, by analyzing the characters in the story,so the reader can envision the whole authors form of art. The author Khaled Hosseini writes about Amir being a privileged kid and getting everything he wants at no cost. Amir is described as a young boy who has an education and everything is provided to him in order to succeed but does not have an relationship with his father, although, he wishes he did.Amir’s father is a very wealthy businessman who is very successful,although Amir at times does feel neglected from his father because he spends alot of time working and helping others. At times Amir feels that his father blames him for his mother’s deaths and believes that …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how khaled hosseini writes about amir being a privileged kid and getting everything he wants at no cost.
  • Analyzes how amir can be seen as a malicious selfish person whose intentions were bad towards his best friend.
  • Analyzes how amir was disrespectful to hassan, but he never acted the same way towards him.
  • Analyzes how amir framed hassan in order to get him out of his house because he couldn't stand seeing him there.
  • Concludes that readers can see that amir goes through a series of events that he was given to either make the right decision or the wrong one.
  • Explains that khaled hosseini is an afghanistan-born novelist and physician who came to america after the soviet union invaded afghanistan.
  • Analyzes how khaled hosseini was influenced to write about the communist revolution, soviet invasion, and the u.s.-led war against the taliban.

Hassan was always loyal and would do anything in order to keep Amir happy and please. There came a day where there was an event of Kite Running and Amir decided to enter the event, he thought he could make his father proud if he won in the kite running event. Therefore Amir and Hassan enter the Kite running event together which led to them winning, Amir father was very proud of both them. Also it is important to keep in mind that Amir had never seen his father this proud and happy for something that he had done. Amir wanted to keep the kite in memory of him winning, that cause him Hassan who was the runner to go catch the kite. When Hassan didn’t come back with kite Amir decided to go search for him which he ran into something that would alternate his life forever. As Amir approaches closer to where Hassan was with a couple of younger teens he saw “Assef knelt behind Hassan, put his hands on Hassan's hips and lifted his bare buttocks. He kept one hand on Hassan's back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand. He unzipped his jeans. Dropped his underwear. He positioned himself behind Hassan. Hassan didn't struggle. Didn't even whimper. He moved his head slightly and I caught a glimpse of his face. Saw the resignation in it. It was a look I had seen before. It was the look of the lamb” (Hosseini 94). As the reader we have now seen that Amir is witnessing this happen and he is not taking any action to defend his best friend who has always been there for me through the good and the bad. Amir can be seen as a person who carries the trait of selfishness because he didn’t want to involve himself into a problem that may cause him to get hurt therefore, he keeps himself out of the equation. Not only did he not defend Hassan when he was getting raped by the older older boys he didn’t confess that he saw Hassan get raped. Yet one day during a regular day Amir decided to frame

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