The Kite Runner Analysis

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Fatherhood in this novel is seen by different shade of colour, not knowing what the true shade really is. There are many turning points which show various stages in being a true father. Therefore, being a father is very difficult, having to overcome obstacles and being strong for each other. A well-known saying “like father, like son” is evident in this novel by the different ties of relationship each character had. In the novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini proves that there is need of a fatherly figure when growing up. Having a father-son bond helps the child differentiate right from wrong. The relationship which demonstrates the need of a father figure is depicted by Baba and Amir, Hassan and Sohrab as well as Amir and Sohrab.
A father is an important role in a child’s life, but more than that, a father expects his son to be the same or at least similar in one way or another to themselves. However, this was not the case for Baba or Amir. Baba does not know why Amir is not like in any particular way. Baba is speaking to Rahim Khan who is Baba’s business partner and best friend about Amir hobbies and interests as it was not similar to his as a child: ““But he’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some dream”…“I wasn’t like that at all and neither were any of the kids I grew up with” (Hosseini 23). Baba is frustrated and annoyed over the fact that Amir is not similar to Baba in any way. Baba wanted a son who could carry on his name in honor and pride as a perceived typical man in Afghanistan instead of a man who is “always buried in those books” (Hosseini 23). Baba would not take any time to develop his relationship with Amir, as he feels that there is no father-son connection at all e...

... middle of paper ... Baba had made and corrected himself as he was growing up alone. On the flip side, Hassan and Sohrab had a close-knit relationship by Hassan always being there for Sohrab since the time he was born. Hassan never left Sohrab’s sight and wanted him to be a great child when he grew up. But when Hassan had passed away, Sohrab was left alone to make his own decisions in life. And lastly reflecting upon Amir and Sohrab, Amir was seen to be a true fatherly figure learning from all the rejections throughout his life. Amir was seen to guide Sohrab to find a better place for him rather than make him struggle. Being a true fatherly figure plays a key role in not only being there for their children but also to guide them in the right direction and differentiate between right and wrong.

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