The Kite Runner: A Hero's Journey With Characteristics Of A Tragedy

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The Kite Runner is a mix of an epic and a tragedy. I will argue how the text highlights a Hero’s Journey with characteristics of a tragedy.
To begin with, Fosters article was describing what traits made up an epic. He said that there is five steps that go along with it. Our questor, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials, and the real reason to go. “The questor is a person who is usually young and experienced, immature, and sheltered.” (Foster, 3). A place to go is the place that our questors want to go instead of being forced. A stated reason to go is the main reason that they believe is why they want to go somewhere. The challenges and trials are what the questor has to face on there journey. They might be scary or dangerous people. But they have to overcome these things in order to become a hero. Finally, “the real reason to go is always for self knowledge.” (Fosters, 3). If a story has all these elements then it would be considered a hero’s journey.

In addition, Aristotle’s article was explaining what elements a tragedy had in it. He states “Tragedy is a form of drama exciting the emotions of pity and fear.” (Aristotle, 1). The character can’t be all good or all bad and the audience has to be able to connect with them. Aristotle states “The tragic flaw is having a lot of pride that causes the hero to ignore a divine warning or break a moral law.” (Aristotle, 1). A tragedy has six main parts to it, a plot, character, thought, diction, melody, and spectacle. “A tragic plot needs to be single and complex.” (Aristotle, 3). The character has a lot of characteristics in order to fit the requirements. First, “the character has to be good in some way. They need to act appropriate for their gender. They mus...

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...e a lot of details in the story before this. Such as when we were discussing in the seminar how Amir’s mom said if you’re happy something bad will be taken away from you. She ended up losing her life after Amir was born and it could also relate to how Amir was reading Hassan letters only to find out he had be shot and killed. If we hadn’t discussed that I don’t think i would’ve caught onto that. Before I applied the structure I didn’t think of Amir being a tragic or epic hero. I don’t think I would’ve ever connected with it that. But looking at the definitions I got from Aristotle, Foster, and my articles I realize that he is.
In conclusion, The Kite Runner is a hybrid of an epic and tragic structure. I found evidence from my articles, Aristotle’s, and Foster’s that it was a Hero’s Journey with a tragic character, Amir shared both traits throughout the story.
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