The Kings Speech Film Analysis

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The Duke of York has suffered from a speech impediment all his life so his wife, Elizabeth, enlists the help of unorthodox speech therapist, Lionel Logue, to assist in improving his dreaded stammer. After his brother, Prince Edward, abdicates the throne as the successor to his deceased father, Bertie (the Duke of York) becomes the king of England thus making it even more vital that his continued work with Logue brings breakthrough, perhaps in more ways than one. The director, Tom Hooper, really sought to incorporate a variety of his own history into the film by constructing the idea and film off of his own mother’s experiences of being invited to act in a play entitled “The Kings Speech” as well as the fact that the film embodies narratives from his English father and…show more content…
Why is this? The set was created to capture the feeling of smallness and vulnerability that amounts from suffering with a stutter, as we see with our writer, David Seidler, and this was achieved with the frequent framing of Bertie by a window during his meetings with Lionel for example. Q6: Throughout the film situations of conflict tend to arise, how do you portray the feelings of the characters? The use of a dolly camera; this differentiated the perspective of both characters whilst in a close-up shot, such as when Lionel and Bertie argue during their walk. Also, handheld cameras were mainly used to promote movement therefore representing anger and agitation during such scenes. A symbol of anger was Bertie always lighting a cigarette. Q7: The replicas of the sets must have been hard to recreate, especially for any reshoots or changes? Sets that are created in reflection of a certain time-period and story are undeniably hard to recreate but Tariq Anwar, our editor, scored a 93 on the screen test which means drastic changes did not need to

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