The Kingdom of Heaven

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Although the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is available to everyone, not all people will travel it because it is believed by some to be too difficult or people do not take the time to understand what it takes. The answer was spoken by Jesus Christ and it is written throughout the Bible, predominantly in the Synoptic Gospels. For those who choose to take the righteous path, there are many things that the individual needs to know and expect. It is the difficult path, full of troubles but, in the end, the reward is greater than anything. Without knowing how to stay on the path, an individual could end up losing that reward, which is everlasting life.
Jesus came to not only teach everyone how to be righteous but, He also died to cleanse the people of their sins. In so doing, He gave everyone the opportunity to choose between life and death. That is, life and death in the spiritual sense. “ Therefore, Jesus is teaching everyone to prepare for the spiritual life while in the physical world. Jesus has already done His part. Now it is up to the individual to do his or her part.
The first step is to ask for forgiveness of the sins that have been committed by the individual. Although Jesus Christ is the bridge between mankind and God, He has been given the authority by God to forgive everyone’s sins. His never ending mercy will be available because He forgives all who ask for it. He will forgive every sin except blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. That is the only so called unforgiveable sin.
After asking for and receiving forgiveness, the soul is cleansed of all sins and the individual must refrain from sinning in the future, in order to remain cleansed. Next, the individual must come to the realization that God loves everyone unconditiona...

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