The King of the Jungle

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Lion's have many unique and amazing characteristics. Their rarity, their strength, and the way of their life cycle make them stand out as a very exclusive species. The lion, light brown in color, is largest of the African carnivores. Full grown males have manes of different color. This, and their large size, makes it easy to tell the males from the females. Full grown males range from 9 to 10 feet long, included with a 3 foot tail, and weight of 400 to 500 pounds. The lion has a strong, muscular like body with powerful legs. The lion's tail is wispy with black fur, and within the wisp is a hard and sharp spine. The purpose of it is unknown. The toe of each lion has a strong, curved, withdraw able claw that is up to three inches long. In the mighty jaws of the lion, that can open up to 12 Inches wide, are teeth that can throng a bull's spine at a single bite. Female lionesses are just about 44 inches tall, and they have no mane. Female lions live a little longer than the males. Serengeti female lions can live up to age 18, whereas for a male can typically live up to about age 12. Female Lion's are the heart and soul of the lion pride. Female lions do almost 95% of the hunting for their pride. Smaller than the adult male lion, adult females weigh in at 200 to 275 pounds. Their fur color ranges from tan, to light brown to blend into their surroundings while hunting. Female lions lack the speed and stamina of a Cheetah, so they relay on stealth and team work to take down their prey. They hide in the long grasses and slowly sneak up as close as they can to their prey before making their attack. Their prey consists of Zebra, Wildebeest, Water Buffalo, and many more animals. After taking down their prey, they get their prey ... ... middle of paper ... ...nomad male lion. Once settled down in a secure pride position, lions live the rest of their lives in a predictable cycle. Females provide the necessities of hunting expeditions, using their speed and agility to trap prey. As for the male lions, when they participate, they use their strength and weight to bring down the larger animals. Then, as lions get older, they eventually succumb to disease, are killed by a rival or are ousted from the pride in one of the turnovers. Lion’s are very amazing creatures, as well as interesting. They have very unique life styles, habits, and ways of life. Works Cited

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