The King and Queen of Grunge

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“Who will be the king and the queen of the outcasted teens?” asks an original lyric from Nirvana's 1991 hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, written by Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). Little did Cobain know that he and the lead singer of the punk group Hole, Courtney Love, would soon become the royalty of grunge in the early nineties. While the life of the rich and famous seems glamourous from the outside, a single glance within the lives of these legendary performers would prove otherwise. The pair seems like an odd couple at first; Courtney being a poster child for drugs, alcohol and loud rock music, and Kurt just starting out on the music scene with a brand new band and a bright future ahead (Bio). What brought these two together also drove them apart; both had violent childhoods in the slums of their home states, divorced parents, and alcohol and drug problems that only grew worse. Cobain and Love’s relationship had not only a huge impact on the pair’s well-being, but also their music and the future of grunge music in America. Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington, a town with high drug and death rates which would later influence Kurts habits. He was forced to move from house to house, staying with relatives, on friends couches, and even in an underbridge passing due to his parents divorce at age eight. Throughout these short stays in many places it is said that Kurt was physically abused and exposed to drug abuse frequently(Gilmore 115). As a young child he was happy and artistic and as he began to play the guitar and other instruments he realized that music would be his “personal victory”(Gilmore 115). In 1987 he formed Nirvana with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic staying mainly in the Seattle “grunge scene” an... ... middle of paper ... ... that as he exited the world abruptly, but there is no chance that he will fade away due to his great impact on the music world (Cobain quoting Young 94). A&E Networks Television. Web. 26 May 2014. . A&E Networks Television. Web. 26 May 2014. . Berkenstadt, Jim, and Charles R. Cross. Nevermind: Nirvana. New York: Schirmer, 1998. Print. "Kurt Cobain: The Man Who Changed The World." News. Web. 28 May 2014. . "Looking At The Legacy Of Kurt Cobain." Here Now RSS. Web. 27 May 2014. . Woodward, Fred. Cobain. Boston: Little, Brown, 1994. Print.
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