The Kindowm of God or Kingdom of Heaven

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The “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Heaven” shows up one hundred and nineteen times in the New Testament (Arndt, 8). The Christian Church refers to the kingdom as the Kingdom of God. The kingdom can be interpreted in many ways ranging from it being a domain, a higher power, even being within us. Throughout its interpretations it is always described as being in the future and that it will be coming soon, we are in the already but not yet stage. Once the kingdom has arrived the end of the world will have come and judgment will be upon us, then the Son of Man will return to Heaven. The Kingdom of God is in the making so to speak, through God it continues to evolve. The righteous and unrighteous are presently living side by side but will be separated in the end. With Jesus being the Messiah, he had made the kingdom a reality because God made it through his existence. It is quite easy to enter into the kingdom the sole thing you need is to accept Jesus as our Savior. Also, you need a pure heart, you cannot just do righteous things and expect to get into the kingdom. The source of sin is the human heart, and repentance can cleanse it. The book of Matthew frequently brings up the Kingdom of Heaven, which is used instead of God because at the time it was not good to mention God’s name frequently-according to the Jews. Also, John had used the term eternal life when referring to the kingdom. Matthew and John both refer to the terms of the kingdom with different names, but ultimately know it as a time of judgment that occurs and eternal life will be granted once you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
The kingdom of Heaven occurs thirty two times in the Gospel of Matthew (Green, 473). Matthew relates the kingdom to Jesus’s kingship by spreading th...

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...lly mentioning the kingdom but it can be imagined this is how it will be (Luke 23: 43).
The Kingdom of Heaven is ultimately a reward that we will receive by living a righteous life. The eternal life that we have is something that we all can maintain with our unbiased belief in our Savior and all his teachings. With knowing that we have eternal life in our hearts and repenting our sins, we will be able to enter the kingdom when it comes. Also, we have to maintain healthy relationships and friendships, as well as trying to live as Jesus had. If we go into a field that lets us receive great fortunes, we must give away most of it to help others. Whatever we lose on Earth, will be gained in heaven and vice versa. It is not our place as human beings to judge one another, as we need to wait for God to come down and evaluate us when the time of salvation has arrived.
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