The Khmer Rouge

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Humanity is cruel. Around the globe, there are people that choose to cause suffering to others. This includes inhuman individuals that take part in such sadistic acts such as being satisfied with stealing or committing murder. Another series of traumatic act that proves that humanity is cruel are genocides and holocausts. Many innocent lives were taken away through eras. In example, about 11 million individuals were killed due to the orders set by Hitler during the Holocaust. Roughly between 500,000 to 800,000 Tutsis were killed during the genocide in Rwanda. Even during the 1500’s, there was genocides of Native Americans. However, the Cambodian genocide is a very overlooked event in history. The death toll was very high in the numbers. The country of Cambodia almost went down into ruins during this time period. Yet, this harrowing occurrence is overlooked upon. This genocide is commonly referred to as the Khmer Rouge. Society of southeast Asia came to ruins during the Khmer Rouge. One of these problems involve the population of Cambodia. Due to the Khmer Rouge, there was a massive decrease in population. This was caused by either mass killings or the large numbers of immigration (Carney). The population that remained were obligated to work in labour camps, in hopes of fulfilling Pol Pot’s dream of a farming community. This is stated in an internet article known as “Cambodia’s history and the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge”, by Susana Maldonado. Her article says, “[w]ithin days of Phnom Penh’s fall, the entire population of the city was forced at gunpoint into forced labour camps in the countryside in order to create a completely agrarian society.” (Maldonado) A third problem set on society for Cambodia is how the regime u... ... middle of paper ... ...r spread of Cambodians, having about 630,00 Cambodians flee between 1979 and 1981. During the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge, nearly 208,000 Cambodians resettled across the globe. About 136,000 fled to the United States, around 32,000 in France, and 26,000 resettled between Australia and Canada. (Refugees and Migration) Caused by the Khmer Rouge, many negative effects were imposed to southeastern Asia. The Khmer Rouge caused an immense problem for societies across southeast Asia. The political organization of Cambodia broke down during the genocide. The economy of southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia, began to decay because of the Khmer Rouge. For the genocide, immigration was ideal for residents in southeast Asia. In conclusion, there was a negative effect towards southeast Asia caused by the Khmer Rouge that makes this genocide an important event in history.

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