The Keystone Pipeline Is A Crude Oil Pipeline

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The keystone pipeline is a crude oil pipeline that begins in Northern Alberta, Canada and stretches southward one-thousand one hundred and seventy-nine miles through Steele City, Nebraska where it tapers off east to Patoka, Illinois and the original pipeline stays south all the way down to the Louisiana-Texas border near the Gulf right outside of Houston, Texas. Its main purpose is to transport Canadian crude oil to refineries throughout the mid-west and along the Gulf Coast of America. The Keystone XL pipeline is similar to the original pipeline; however, this new pipeline would take a much more direct route to Steele City, Nebraska as seen in the map (Keystone XL). The plan to finish the pipeline was just recently vetoed by President Obama predominantly for concerns of environmental issues, but we should finish construction of this pipeline because of the jobs it will create, the national economic benefits in increased tax revenue, the energy security it will provide, it will create more national security by keeping this oil out of other foreign countries and reduce our dependence on oil from hostile areas in the middle east. The environmental concerns are not unwarranted, but Trans-Canada pipelines have proven to be environmentally safe. The disappearing middle class of America needs more high paying jobs to further dissolve the extreme class distinction between the rich and the poor. There are not enough people earning more than just a living wage. This project can create these well-paying jobs and create economic growth on a larger scale, benefiting the nation as a whole. Foreign oil dependence threatens the United States economy (Lefton). The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would create several new job opportunities for Amer... ... middle of paper ... ... ways, but for now this from the Keystone XL pipeline needs to make its may to the United States. The Keystone XL project would create several prodigious opportunities for America both fiscally and in foreign affairs. The jobs created, economic growth, and added national security is far to great to turn down. Would you rather these opportunities be given to the people of China? If we do not act on this project, we will be losing an invest of over one-hundred thousand jobs and twenty billion dollars for pseudo-concerns about the environment. TransCananda has a proven track record of having environmentally safe pipelines and their technologies are only going to improve with time. The time to invest in America is now, we must call for action on the Keystone XL project to bring Americans the good paying jobs that they deserve and the economic boost the country needs.
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