The Keys to Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction

Workplace Relationships

If a company is interested in growth and profit, it must establish positive relationships and good rapport with its employees. People will be happier in their jobs if the environment that surrounds them is made comfortable and positive. Three main factors aid positive workplace relationships: trust, respect and teamwork. Positive workplace relationships are easy to develop when time is taken with each factor. Overall, these factors benefit everyone. People are the "heart" of an organization and care should be taken to foster a positive work environment.

Workplace relationships are important in job satisfaction. In fact, studies show that an employee's direct supervisor has the most influence on whether he or she finds a job satisfying, says Lenburg. "Working with a manager who "understands" them, and gives them some choices in their work lives, tends to improve the satisfaction level of most employees" (Hochgraf, 1998).

Productivity tends to improve when employees are treated with respect and consideration. Managers need to remember that every worker is different and that priorities of people vary from one individual to another. Managers should be open to the desires of their employees as individuals. If employees feel they are listened to they will feel that they are being respected and that they are important. Job satisfaction will tend to increase in these circumstances.

Teamwork is also important when considering job satisfaction. If teamwork is not evident, or worse, deteriorates from the old norm, employee relationships begin to suffer. Teamwork requires people to work together to make decisions and resolve disagreements. Teamwork among staff members strengthens workpla...

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