The Key to Great Sex is Communication

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You wait by the cash register in the checkout line of Shop Rite. As you pore over the contents of your cart, you confirm that you have all the items you need. You wait for your turn to check out, when your eyes wander to a nearby rack of colorful magazines. They read in big, bold letters, “10 Sex Secrets You Need To Know,” “7 Tips For Great Sex!” They look trashy, but you are intrigued nonetheless by the prospect of learning new, hidden secrets for better sex. You do not pick up the magazines to look through them, but you cannot help but wonder what secrets they hold. A good deal of those magazines actually say that the key to great sex is communication. According to The Cosmopolitan, communication allows partners to check what they are comfortable with doing, how satisfied they are with sex, and what new things they can try (Benjamin). This sounds easy enough —talk to your partner, and you are on the road to heavenly orgasms. Yet, according to Washington Post, 52% of Americans are unsatisfied with their sex lives (Stepp). A recent international survey ranks Americans as the world's fifth worst sex partners. This is an unpleasant characterization of Americans, but this generalization is not far-fetched. American sex education, as Amanda Duberman writes for Huffington Post, is sub-par (Duberman). The American sex education quota includes little more than telling students that if they have sex, they will, in a nutshell, get pregnant and die from syphilis. American media such as films and television shows tend to censor sexual content more heavily than it censors violence. Schools and media teach Americans that sex is mystified, taboo, and shameful. By imposing negative characteristics on sex and its discourse, Ameri... ... middle of paper ... ...of years. By disconnecting themselves from sex and its discourse, Americans are disconnecting themselves from the practice that has given them the gift of life. How could a nation separate itself from a practice—a function—that is undeniably human? And not only is sex a function for the survival of a species, but it has also grown to become an expression of love. For generations, sex has been a universal symbol for passion, unity, trust, devotion; love. Teach the student what it means to have sex. Teach the teacher what it means to discuss sex. Teach them not to be afraid of sex, for sex is human. It is the culmination of love and survival. The magazines in Shop Rite may look trashy, but they make a good point: Communication is the key to great sex. Before Americans can become the world's superpower in love-making, they must first open the conversation about sex.
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