The Key to A Successful E-commerce Site

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The Key to A Successful E-commerce Site

Despite the rapid growth of E-commerce sites, 43 percent of the them fails, and the difference between the success and the failure is consumer experience, according to The Dotcom Survival Guide reported there is still one resource left untapped that can save dotcoms from failure. It's the one resource that historically is most ignored in favor of ads, press, and flashy features yet it's the one resource that can lead dotcoms to survival. That resource is customers. Customers can provide the revenues needed to attain profitability. Customers can give the word-of-mouth marketing to drive traffic. Customers can give the feedback needed to continually improve the website. Customers are a dotcom's most important resource. To survive, dotcoms must improve their customer experience.


The customer experience is the combination of everything that the customer sees, clicks, reads, feels or interacts with on a site. Part of this is certainly the usability but so are other components: the site's business goals, its merchandising, the wording and messaging on the site, the use of graphics and color, the flow of pages in core processes, the choice of features to offer or not, and the dot-com's own team and its processes to create and refine the site. The customer experience includes everything from the home page, to the shopping and buying process, to the fulfillment of products. It is the key to a E-commerce site’s survival.


The sites that generate the best customer experiences get more "sticky" traffic, higher revenues, and a stronger brand. In contrast, the sites with bad cust...

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...ors have a good experience on a site, they'll return as loyal customers and encourage others to do the same. In other words, creating a good customer experience will create a good online brand.


The good customer experience is the key to an E-commerce site’s survive. Companies who learn how to create a good customer experience online will lead, indeed dominate, their respective markets. Good customer experience will help customers experience less frustration, more productivity, and more compassion from the industry; good customer experience will help E-tailers enjoy higher revenues, increase productivity, maintain strong brand, and encourage customer acquisition and retention.


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