The Key Roles Of Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power

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Looking back at the past, individuals can read about how some of the world’s most powerful leaders have risen, and fallen. These leaders helped their country in their own unique way that ranges anywhere from conquering other countries, to aiding their own country in a depression. In their own way, each leader has a façade that they show as the rise to power, and one individual sticks out from the rest. Adolf Hitler rose to power in a unique way that was comparable to some, but still vastly different. A lot of key factors in Hitler’s life, played key roles in how he managed to become the dictator of Germany, and initiated World War II. Starting from the beginning, Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau, Austria. He was one of six children.…show more content…
From their he began to suspend basic rights of the people one-by-one. He then creates the Enabling Act. The Enabling Act was an amendment that gave Hitler’s legislative cabinet the power to enact laws without the Reichstag’s involvement. With this act enforced, Hitler used it to gain more power by abolishing the presidential office, and combining its power with the chancellor’s. With the Enabling Act in hand, Hitler began to make dramatic changes to Germany with his propaganda campaigns. These campaigns first started with the “anti-smoking campaign” ( Editors). From there he began campaigning about what his dietary restrictions where. This included the absents of alcohol and meat from one’s diet. He supported this with giving graphic stories about the slaughtering of the animals. Hitler’s main concept was of “racial hygiene” ( Editors), and this was taken in a wide range. Adolf Hitler created laws that forbid marriages between the Jewish people, and the non-Jewish people. This then escalated to the authorization of “a euthanasia program for disabled adults” and children ( Editors). Hitler created this law, because he thought that the physical, and developmental disabilities where imperfect to the society he was trying to make, and decided to euthanize them. From this point on, Hitler began to set up concentration camps, which were basically extermination camps for those whom Hitler deemed

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