The Key Factors that Affect on a Student's Performances

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Student’s performances not only based on their academic but also involved behaviour, social skills, relation with surroundings, and co-curricular activities. There are several key factors that give effect on performances of the students such as study habit, sleeping habit, leisure activities, family and friend influence.
One of the key factors is the student’s study habit. Study habit is the way that we study. It is the habit that we formed during school. Study habit can be the good ones or the bad ones. Study habit of every student is one of the most important factors that affect his or her understanding regarding a certain subject. We are responsible to manage our self-timetable to organize time for study and doing other activities. We must pay full of our attention during lecture and manage our notes properly. We are encouraged to join group study to share our opinions and discussing the topics that we do not understand. Sometimes when we are discussing our friends might tell us something or some important knowledge that we missed or we forgot. But, before we join group study, we should be prepared by reading and understanding the topic that we want to discuss with our friends so that we have the basic understanding about that topic. To gain further information or new knowledge, we should always refer to the reference books despite approaches lecturers and asking friends about certain topics or subjects. If we just depend on the notes given by the lecturers, we did not have the full view of the topics and lack of understanding and lead us to create our own theory regarding to that matters.
We can ask lecturer to choose the best reference books to study. The bad study habit that we as a student should avoid first and ...

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... tend to share low aspirations of going to college or getting certain careers. There may be other values in place, such as taking care of the family or making money sooner rather than going to college first.
In a nutshell, there are many key factors that affects the student's performance such as study habits, sleeping habits, leisure activities, family and friends and there are pros and cons that they should be considered. It is recommended that students need a high motivation in themselves in order to achieve a great performance. Besides that, governments, private organizations, family and individuals should concerned with the business of education should endeavor to address the obstacles hindering effective academic performance of students. Finally, the student's performance is not only based on their studies but also to encourage themselves to be more competent.
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