The Key Elements Of The Human Resource Planning Process

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1> Identify the key elements of HR planning process and discuss the relationship among them.

2> Distinguish the Quantitative and Qualitative approach to forecast the need for human resource processes.


Human resource management is the attraction, selection, retention, development and utilization of Human Resource in order to achieve both individual and organizational goals. Management of Human Resources is important and vital in an organization. HRM is regarded as a strategic function in many organizations as they concern about intellectual enterprise.

When it comes to Human Resource planning, it is a process by which management determines how the organization should move from its current position to its desired position. Through planning, management attempts to have the right number and the right kind of people, at the right place, at the right time, doing things, which result in maximum benefits for both the organization and the individual.

HR planning is a continuous process which starts with the identification of HR objectives, moves through analysis of manpower resources and ends at appraisal of HR planning. Following are the major steps involved in human resource planning:

Phases for Human Resources Planning

1. Forecasting: Demand and supply analysis.
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If you have a shortage of employees, this will determine what type of recruiting efforts your business will participate in to attract the employees it needs to fill needs within the company. It also requires you to balance your full-time and part-time needs. If you have a surplus of employees, this requires you to consider employee layoffs, retirements and situations where employees may need to be demoted or moved into a lateral position (rather than receiving a
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