The Key Challenges Of The Environmental Automotive Challenge

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The Environmental Automotive Challenge I believe that in order to properly evaluate the environmental challenges to the automotive industry you need to look at the key components the vehicle standards in their emissions the environmental friendliness of manufacturing and new potential sources to power vehicles and their viability. I believe that the primary challenge as concerns automatic automotive manufacturing and the environment is overreliance on very old technology because the industry is very beholden to the oil industry who supply “Gasoline” the primary source of fuel that is in wide spread use.
There is also an extent to which it would be fair to characterize emergent green fuel alternatives as having nothing more than marketing
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transportation sector—which includes planes, trains, ships, and freight—produces around thirty percent of all U.S. global warming emissions. That’s an order of magnitude more than most countries.
As oil becomes more difficult to extract, burning gasoline will only become dirtier. Using less oil is the real solution.”

Manufacturing and consumption
There are many arguments in favor of a ban on advertising specifically in India, and they primarily have to do with public health and public safety. There is also a minority argument in favor of a ban that is based on a long-term view of diversifying India's economic dependency; and weaning them off of incredible dependence on the tobacco industry's revenue. According to an article I found on The ‘Making a new car creates as much carbon pollution as driving it, so it's ... Environment ... In other words, even more than with most items, the manufacture of a .... in actual practice and ones the actual effect of which are largely ... According to another eye opening article from tiled “Slow down! We have too many cars”: “There has also been a trend towards overproduction, over consumerism and a drain on material resources and especially massive consumption of water and fossil fuel during
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One is the obvious limitation of global supply of fossil fuels. The other argument is how environmentally damaging oil bi products have been and how much more so continued extraction of fossil fuels becomes as the supply dwindles.
But there is something of a false prophet in this equation which is the electric vehicle electric vehicle, because unless it is recharged by renewables will only continue to contribute to the problem. If the energy used to charge the vehicles remains reliant upon the fossil fuel industry and they continue to be manufactured at current rates.
So far there is one notable bright spot which is Tesla motors and the attempt to provide solar and renewable powered charging stations for the consumer's home and for the general public for their entirely electric vehicles. But there is still an alarming lack of interest revenue and scientific investment in alternative fuel sources like thorium and other ideas that date back to antiquity but the action to innovate into those alternatives remain as a halfhearted interest for the global
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