The Juvenile Justice System Is Rehabilitation

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Committing a crime will always be illegal no matter what age they commit it at. In the United States, if you are under the age of eighteen years old you are automatically considered as juvenile but can be tried and sentenced as an adult. This will be agreed on depending on the crime you commit. The purpose of the juvenile justice System is rehabilitation rather than being punished. Being tried as an adult can give you the punishment of life without parole, meaning that you will spend the rest of your life in prison. More than 200,000 youths are tried or sentenced as adults every year in the United States. I believe that juveniles under the age of 13 years old should be tried as juveniles because they are not yet adults. Punishments will help them view their horrific crime and hopefully learn right from wrong. Trying Juveniles, as adults will not give them the opportunity to learn from mistakes and get the mental help they need to turn their life around.
We know that a teen may go through a lot of peer pressure during their teen years. They are not yet fully mature to be fully accountable or their irresponsible actions. In the article Starting Finds on teenage Brain by Paul Thompson, he states “The biggest surprise in recent teen-brain research is the finding that a massive loss of brain tissue occurs in the teen years.” If a teen starts to lose brain tissues it will interrupt their emotions and thinking through their transition of brain. It wouldn’t be just to sentence and charge a juvenile as an adult. Being as young as they are they don’t understand how to control certain emotions and actions. He also explains “ brain cells and connections are only being lost in the areas controlling impulses risk-taking, and self controlling ...

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...nile because an adult is mature enough to know the consequences and punishments of any actions committed. Juveniles should be sentenced to juvenile jail for four to eight years the maximum. During those years in jail they can learn and experience how life can officially be in a jail cell if they continue committing more crimes in the future time. When they are released out of jail they need to be sentenced 1-3 years in rehabilitation facility where juveniles under the age of 13 go to turn their life around. In Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences by Gail Garinger he mentions, “ These children were told that they could never change and that no one cared what became of them. They are denied access to education and rehabilitation programs and left without hope.” We should not throw their key to success without giving them a second chance to better them selves.
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