The Juvenile Court System

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The Juvenile Court System The Juvenile Court system was a system set up to deal with minors who find themselves in trouble. In trouble with their parents, or the law. This system has its benefits and its flaws. The first juvenile court in the United States was established in 1899, in Illinois. This set a trend that would grow across the entire United States { Forer, 198 }. In 1974 The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act was put into effect. It had many regulations to follow, such as, making prevention of juvenile crime a national priority. It also assisted state, local, individual, and private organizations to have more sensible, less costly, and more preductive systems. It also prevents juvenile halls from turning into nurseries for crime. Separation of minors and adults in the facilities is also part of the act. States who do not corporate with the standards of the act do not receive funding from the government, the states who do follow will receive government aid { Hyde, 42 }. The three areas that juvenile courts deal with are criminal acts of minors, minors neglected or mistreated by parents, or minors in need of supervision in order to stay out of trouble. A minor can be brought to a juvenile court for other charges that are not criminal. Such as running away, disobedience, mischief, annoying behavior, or a claim for dependency {Forer, 114 }. The juvenile courts do not handle any civil matters. The courts have their flaws in dealing with minors. There are no set standards for the rights of an accused minor. Lately the laws dealing with this have become better. But may rights are not being given. The rights that have been noted as being violated are as follow... ... middle of paper ... ...ntion halls and other facilities. They are just getting tougher day by day. The court system has to work on rehabilitating the youth of America that ends up in trouble with the law. The people of the nation want to " fix " the children to become better people. The courts desperately need to look at what goes on inside the detention homes. They have to make sure the minors are getting better and are doing OK. If our nation set up this juvenile court system to save kids from a life full of crime they need to start to look at how the system is being run now. We have to stop violating their rights because we can, and get away with it. They have rights to and are entitled to them all. The system is a good system to have, but some problems need to be worked out, for it to run to the benefit of the minor, which is why it was put into place to begin with.
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