The Justice System Of Americ The True Definition Of Justice

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There is no real sense of justice in this world. One man’s idea of justice might be completely different than another man’s idea. So is the true definition of justice really the true definition? Does every person on the face of the Earth see justice differently? The truth is, justice can be supported by any idea. Justice is not only doing what is right, it is doing what should be done to achieve the greater good. The most common way justice is thought of is through the legal system. The justice system of America, unfortunately, is not always right. They don’t have the same views as the people that they are trying against. But a court system is used to exact justice. For example, it uses a jury system to help determine the guilty from the innocent.…show more content…
No matter who a person is, they are still entitled the right to justice. For example, if a person feels that the legal system has failed them, they have the right to hunt down and exact their own sense of justice. When they finally get to the point when they want to exact justice, they can do it however they see fit. Michael Brown’s family did just that. Though the Grand Jury let Darren Wilson of the hook (because he did nothing wrong, legally), the parents still went on the try and sue him. Even with the Grand Jury’s verdict, the parents felt that justice was not carried out. However, the justice system is not as innocent and “justified” as it seems. The people that work inside the justice system can do whatever they want to do if they do it secretly and if it goes against what the people think. For example, a law enforcement officer can do whatever he wants in order to exact the justice he believes. Even if it doesn’t seem socially acceptable, the definition of justice is different for this person. Another example would be the judge or jury of a court case. Sure they make all their decisions and verdicts “legally” but this does not mean that the ideas of some of these people are not biased. If a member on the jury hates the man that is accused, they can easily decide the fate of them without using any evidence. However, their sense of justice must be accept in the legal area due to its brittle
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