The Justice System And The State Of Colorado

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Every day in America crimes occur. While the justice system may never understand the absolute root cause, I believe one root cause worthy of examination is broken families. Over the years the number of broken families in America has increased and thus crime has increased. DHS programs are already hard at work in the state of Colorado to serve families in the community. Not only does the DHS work to ensure children are living in a safe environment but they also work to make sure that environment is with their parents. Family Services Plans (FSP) currently have several people involved in keeping children safe and identifying areas in need of improvement. A Gap in the FSP While everyone involved in the FSP process is working hard to help families, I believe there is a gap that ought to be filled by local law enforcement and the local court system. Partnering these additional agencies with DHS would give them additional resources to reach out to today 's youth and families. Involving law enforcement such as the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office would paint a picture of a young person 's future if they do not change their behaviors. The local problem solving court would also aid in trying to help children see the path they are on and where it leads. CSPD Juvenile Unit The Sand Creek Division is the largest of four CSPD patrol divisions and is the target area for the test phase of my initiative. I have outlined requirements previously that my new CSPD Juvenile Unit make contact with 100% of local families experiencing difficulty reaching the goals they 've set for themselves. In order to measure whether everyone has been reached as desired, quarterly surveys of families will be conducted via m... ... middle of paper ... ...t to their department head to allow them to handle the issue. After the initial one year test phase it is my hope that a system of periodic feedback will allow all agencies involved to have a solid way ahead should the program be allowed to continue. Conclusion It is my firm belief that a gap exists in current DHS family services. Over a period of one year this can possibly be fixed by way of my proposed CSPD, El Paso County Sheriff 's Office and 4th District Problem Solving Court alliance with DHS. Throughout everyone 's involvement it is crucial to conduct periodic reviews when it comes to performances. After all, the goal here is to help families and the organizations which do so have to be the right fit for the job. Periodic reviews and tracking mechanisms like those I have briefly described here will go a long way to ensure previously laid out plans will be kept.
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