The June Saint Peter Carnaval Effect.

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In advance we want to acknowledge to all bmj editors their permanent aid during all 2013th year and to wish to all them a happy new year, best health and new and big successes every day during all the 2014th year. Colombian good results in sports, at international competitions, mainly in football and cyclism produce radical changes in the daily normal society dynamics. Vibrant actions of those sports of crowds can paralize in any moment all our country. All life is suspended and working places are empty when an international competition goes, where a colombian footballist or a cyclist is participating. People forget to think about the neccessity of working when that sportman is winning or is a competition leader. We have never seen, during our life, social explosions caused in our country by sportmen who have passed to the next phase of a FIFA world cup or by a cyclist who has gaigned a prix in the most famouses world cyclistic tours. We think that in all colombian history nobody has suddenly stopped the daily current life in all our country as did Freddy Rincon, who scored a last ...

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