The Joys of Fishing

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Fishing is an activity I have enjoyed doing ever since I was a little kid. In fact, one of my first fishing voyages was with my grandpa when I was about eight years old. He was an avid fisherman who went fishing almost every day and knew everything there was to know about fishing. Grandpa got me hooked on fishing. After Grandpa died, my dad picked up where Grandpa left off. We had a pontoon, and Dad took my brothers and me fishing whenever we had the chance. To this day, I still love fishing just as much as I had on my first fishing trip with my grandpa. Many people enjoy hobbies that are relaxing and peaceful, and others prefer exhilarating activities that never have a dull moment. I enjoy fishing because it has some of both. When fishing is slow, I have the opportunity to observe the beauty all around me and time to think to myself. When the fish are practically jumping into the boat, I get to experience the excitement of reeling in one fish after the other in hopes of landing a trophy. Although planning a fishing trip can be overwhelming, and catching a fish may seem impossible, I enjoy all the preparation and strategy that goes into each fishing trip.

Going fishing is not just sitting in a boat and casting a rod and reel hoping that something will bite. There is a lot of preparation and strategy that goes into a fishing trip. Making a checklist of everything needed and putting all the fishing gear into the boat is only the first step. Once everything is packed into the boat, it is time to hook up the watercraft to the van and begin the trek to the lake. Navigating to the lake is only part of the journey; the other part is finding a public water access and carefully backing the vessel into the water. Once th...

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...he same time. One day the fish might be biting a certain lure every cast, but the next day they will not even look at that same lure. Coaxing the fish into biting and determining what the fish will bite under certain circumstances is one of my favorite parts of angling. It's a rewarding feeling when I am able to convince a fish to bite on one of the techniques I have mastered. Although many people do not think of preparation for a fishing trip as very much fun, I consider it part of the fishing adventure. Preparing for the fishing trip is almost as much fun as sitting in the boat. Fishing is a hobby almost anyone can enjoy; all somebody needs is a fishing rod, some bait, and a license. Angling is an activity someone can enjoy their whole life. If my grandpa had not taken me fishing when I was little, who knows if I would enjoy fishing as much as I do today.
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