The Joy of Winning

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The Joy of Winning

"Oh my God!" was exclaimed into my right ear and resonated above everyone in the room. My heart was thumping because I wasn't exactly sure what was happening. I wasn't excited to be going or even pleased. All I could think about was, "What did I get myself into? I shouldn't be here, I don't deserve this."

It all began on one of the most disastrous bus rides I have ever experienced that doesn't include a wreck. I was going to Grand Junction for the Western Slope Science Fair. I didn't even care about what I was about to do. I knew my information well enough just to get through the day. Then the storm hit us. I looked out the front window of the bus and peered out into the ferocious blizzard. The heater was not working on the right side window. On top of not being able to see, we had just hit a construction area where I wasn't sure what could be on the road.

An hour later than expected, we got out of the bus and headed for the auditorium where we were to set up our projects. After sprinting inside to keep my board protected from the elements, I walked with my fellow participants and set up my project. I didn't care at all about how good my project appeared in the eyes of the judges.

After I had set up, I got ready to go to lunch, since most of my companions were ready to eat. We all went down to Mesa Mall's Food Court where I had sausage pizza that had grease dripping down onto the plate. After I was finished eating, my friend Jimmy had to buy a CD, so we flew down to the FYE Music Emporium. As we ran out to the bus to go back, a hailstorm picked up. The hail felt like a thousand needles striking me at the same time and there was no way that I could open my eyes completely....

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...fifth, but when that went by, I knew it was not meant to be. Third place went to the guy next to me that the judges liked so much.

The announcer then went through a long speech explaining what the top two places meant. He said how they got to go to the International Science and Engineering fair in Louisville, Kentucky. He called my name to go up to receive second place for going to the International Science and Engineering Fair, but I received first at the Western Slope Science Fair.

"Oh my God!" was echoed through the room and I couldn't believe that I was walking up to the stage. This wasn't right because I shouldn't get the award, or should I? I knew the answer as soon as it was placed in my hand. It was going to be a long ride, but I deserved every bit of it. I had shown the judges that I knew what I was doing and was confident at all times.
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