The Joy That Kills

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“The Story of An Hour” is a very intense and descriptive tale underlining the aspiration of freedom women had in the 1800’s. The story orbits around the news of Brently Mallard’s death. Kate Chopin utilizes the responses of Brently’s family and friends. Mrs. Mallard is put under a microscope to record her reaction to the news of her husband’s death. Her sister, Josephine and Brently’s friend Richards, are used as supporting characters for the deliverance of the news, and consoling of Mrs. Mallard. Kate’s portrayal of Mrs. Mallard’s reaction was an insight to the possible desire of freedom, which women of the 19th century were deprived off. Mrs. Mallard was a young and composed woman but every human being is a little optimistic for a glimmer of independence either consciously or unconsciously. Finding out about the death of her husband broke Mrs. Mallard’s spirit and she plunged into a dark abyss. Being disheartened is an obvious reaction to the news of a loved one’s death but it is also a freeing experience. Mrs. Mallard did not want to be delighted in shadow of her husband’s death but when the thought of relieved oppression came to her she could not help herself. She loved her husband but could not understand the peculiar sense of freedom she was feeling. It is hard to imagine how she could feel free and joyous in such an emotionally devastating situation but we have to remember that this story was inscribed in the 1800’s. In those times women were merely possessions of their husbands, they had no individual rights. Further support for my claim that Mrs. Mallard desired to be free is expressed by the following, She was young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength. But now there was... ... middle of paper ... ...ired of each other and get to the point where, like Mrs. Mallard, experience joy in the mists of the death of their partner. To sum up, the importance of individual freedom is essential in every relationship. Married or not, couples need to understand that individual freedom lets their relationship bloom, it’s a major factor in keeping two people together and not resenting each other’s existence further down the line. I would recommend this story for adolescents and people of age. This is because the younger generation needs to learn how to maintain a healthy relationship so that our further generations do not suffer from the same fate whereas the older people need to learn to change their ways so they can set a better example for the youth. Libribooks. “The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin”. Online video clip. Text. Youtube.Youtube , 8 Feb 2010. Web. 3 May 2014.
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