The Journey to Fuji-san

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I walked into the library with a smile on my face at the sight of all the books. Sadly though the books I needed today weren’t the ones I loved to read. I hoisted my back-pack on my shoulder before moving away from the doorway. My eyes were glancing around the room for an unused computer. Having spot one in the middle of the library, I moved towards the computer to look up some books I needed for my research project. Our Science teacher assigned us some volcanoes that we had to know the type of volcano, where it is, what type of eruption it has, the date of its last eruption, a picture of the volcano, the tectonic plate it is on or between and any legends or myths about it.
It wasn’t too hard for me with the volcano I was given, which is in my favorite country Japan. Clicking away on the computer I found some interesting books that had a lot of info about Japan. “906.25 CAMBRID and 960.3 DEMARK”, I muttered under my breath as I wrote them down on a piece of scrap paper. Pulling myself away from the computer I started the search about Fuji-san. It took me awhile to find the decimal numbers I needed.
“902..903….905...906!” I said as I listed off the numbers to myself. Pulling out the book by the top I smiled at the view of the colorful cover. It was the exact mountain I was looking for with some sakura flowers beside it. I sat down right there with the book, my bag clumping to the ground beside the shelf. Leaning against the books behind me I opened up the book and began reading it. Noticing I was being dumb for a moment, I pulled out the papers I needed to write down the information and the source.
I glanced at the paper Mrs. Cedarleaf gave us, and started to look for what I needed.
I pulled my pencil out from behind my ear as ...

... middle of paper ...

...owly I pressed the enter key. Having absolutely nothing appear made me frustrated. I then checked how many miles it was to the closest airport that could take you directly to Japan. That was Portland. It was 300 miles from here. Now adding how many miles it is from Portland to Tokyo would be 4,853 miles. Last but not least would be adding how many miles it is from Tokyo to Fuji-san 56 miles totaling up to 5209 miles.
Happily finding the answer I scribbled it down before closing the web browser. Breathing a sigh of relief I looked at the clock on my phone. “Oopsy.. I might be in trouble now.” I stated to myself as I unlocked my phone to call my friend Naomi. I walked to the exit of the library into the cold brisk night air, my mind now Fuji-san. I think I will take a trip there one day. That is after I explained to my Mom why I am not home yet.
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