The Journey Of Life: A Mother's Journey

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A Mother’s Journey
In Particular we all share a common aspect, we all have mothers that gave life to us, from the instant they created us. A mother who loves and cares who sits downs and listens to your problems, who pushes you harder and takes the tears away. A mother is the who has a warm understanding and a infinite patience. A mother is the most important person in a child’s life, a mother who is always committed to their children and that will do the impossible for them no matter how hard the circumstances are. Our mothers can be good and bad but yet we have to understand they also learn from their children. Nobody can teach them how to be mothers, they all learn from experience. A mother is the person who provides daily for their family
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Lourdes is young, and wants a better life for her childrens future and herself as well . Lourdes wants to be able to provide the best for Belky and Enrique. From time to time Lourdes cares and provides the best for her children by sending the most amount of money as possible for her children. All her hard work is payed off, all her love and caring goes to all those hardworking nights, In other words lourdes might not be showing physical love and care, but she does show a special interest in her children life. Although she wrong by trying to buy their children 's love and promising things she shouldn 't have she still does it anyway, because that the only way she can give. Occasionally she hasn 't forgotten about them, all the love and support she gives them is shown with her hard working jobs, the frequent calls she makes, and money she provides. In reality Lourdes here is showing she wants the best for her children not only that but she wants to be involved with their lives spiritually and emotionally by providing money and giving the best advice and education they…show more content…
Based on job availability, many Mexican women have decided to immigrate to the U.S. to work and send money home to their family. Traditionally it would be the men who would travel to the united states for work, but now husbands are being left behind. There is also a growing number of single-parent female heads of house, forcing them to be both a mother and a breadwinner. This brings them guilt and stigma for breaking gender traditions, and a constant fear that their children back home will not love them anymore. Lourdes becomes a transnational mother because she has one foot set in the United states and yet another in Honduras. Lourdes becomes the provider in this case, she works day and night without nobody’s help, in order to provide the best for her smaller daughter and herself. Lourdes still has to send money back home for her childrens education and lifestyle, lourdes has become a hard working mother in order to manage her life together. Although lourdes had to escape her extreme poverty, lourdes still needed to overcome her guilt about leaving her children behind and not being able to be an important part in their
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