The Journey Of Kurt Cobain 's Life

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Jordan Troccoli
Period 5
March 15th 2015
The Journey of Kurt Cobain’s Life
On February 20th 1967, a man who many called an alternative rock legend was born in Aberdeen Washington, his name is Kurt Cobain. As a kid Kurt grew up in a small logging town with his mother Wendy Cobain, and father Donald Cobain. Growing up was difficult for Kurt Cobain as his parents were constantly fighting. At the age of nine Cobain’s parents had filed for a divorce, and Cobain decided to live with his father, Donald. Just a few years after the divorce Kurt’s father had been remarried to Jenny Westeby. Kurt disliked Jenny as he believed his father had always taken her side and liked Jenny’s kids more than his own, Kurt.
At the age of thirteen his uncle Chuck had given him a gift that not only would take his mind of unwanted worries and his depression, but also lead him soon enough to the creation of his band Nirvana. Unfortunately in his late teen years Kurt had begun to experiment with various drugs. After living at his fathers for some time, he decided to move from relative to relatives’ house, then soon moving into his mother’s house and her boyfriend, and soon to be husband Pat O’Connor. Not being able to stand his stepfather Kurt had decided to sleep wherever he could from 1984 to 1985. As high school passed by Kurt began to do more drinking and doing drugs more often. Senior year he decided to drop out of high school due to being bullied by students because he chose art and music over sports ( He then met and soon became friends with Buzz Osbourne, a local band member of “The Melvin’s” who previously Kurt had listened to and attended their gigs and also introduced him to band such as “Sex Pistols”. In 1986 Kurt Cobain ...

... middle of paper ... best for his daughter, Frances ( Although he had passed away he wanted to let his wife and daughter know that he loved them, and thanked his fans for being so loving and supportive of him and Nirvana. To this day Kurt Cobain is still alive as many teenagers and many other age groups continue to listen to him, and some consider Kurt as an influential person in the music industry.

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