The Journal of Christopher Columbus

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The Journal of Christopher Columbus is the day to day journal/diary writing of Christopher Columbus. He started taking notes of his journey starting the year of 1492. This took place mostly on his voyage over the Atlantic Ocean on his way to the Indies, and also on the lands he discovers on the way to his destination. He wrote every day of his journeys as a journal to the king and queen of his discoveries.
The period it came from was a very long time in the past during the year 1492. Back when the Moors ruled most of Europe and was just over came by the King and Queen of Spain. Columbus wrote many entries in the journal. Some were fairly large entries consisting of a few paragraphs, then some might only be a few sentences of where his travels took him that day. Many events in the book take place while Columbus travels over the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean, which Columbus mistook for being the Indies. During those times he would write down interesting events that happened during the day, how far the crew had traveled, and most of the time the direction in which they traveled on their journey.
Much of the time on the travels the crew of the ship were up and down with their emotions. The crew and Columbus all were on a mission to make it to the Indies and find riches. There was many ways Columbus and the crew related. Most of the crew hated how much time it took and many were scared of the long journey they were on. As written by Columbus of how the crew got upset about the long journey “Here the men lost all patience, and complained of the length of the voyage, but the Admiral encouraged them in the best manner he could, representing the profits they were about to acquire, and adding that it was to no purpose to complain, having c...

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...ould see as sinful and how he was going to convert the inhabitants. Columbus saw much things he wish he had never seen, such as cannibalism.
The author’s point of this journal is to really just inform the King and Queen of Spain of the travels he, himself, Columbus and his crew experience in their travels. From the travel of the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to Columbus’s discovery of what he thought was the Indies. Columbus writes down in detail much of his experiences each day. From his study of how far and fast they made it to land, to the details of how the native men and women acted towards them on their adventure. He wrote about the study of the land he saw and how he made maps to navigate much of it. He wrote in detail many events and happenings. These effectively show how the journey was and the issues Columbus saw and had to deal with on his way to America.
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